Javascript, often referred to as the language of the Web. Almost all web browsers can run Javascrip thus, making it one of the most popular programming languages in the world. Though, it has a low barrier to entry, all you need is a text editor and a web browser to write your programs. Once you have garnered an in-depth understanding of JavaScript, you will find it is a flexible and expressive language that can create some powerful applications. JavaScript is a high-level language that is compiled at run time. This means that it requires an engine that is responsible for interpreting programs and running them.Read More →

Pure Native HTML5 Audio Recording is here and has been for a while, no more flash needed! Don’t get too excited though, it still requires a bit of work to support it in a consistent manner. This post will focus on getting the recorded audio into the same file format across browsers. And yes, I spent a long time debugging in the browser! Example Here is the “simplest” way to record, play and download audio in Chrome (this also works in Firefox but ogg format is used instead of webm). Optional: Use polyfill from WebRTC project to do some cross-browser support of the navigator.mediaDevices.getUserMedia functionRead More →