Bootstrap was developed in 2011 by Mark Otto and Jacob Thornton at Twitter. Their main focus was to bring consistency and maintainability in their code. Bootstrap 1.0.0 was launched in 2011 with only CSS and HTML components. There were no JavaScript plugins included in it until Bootstrap 1.3.0, a version that was also compatible with IE7 and IE8. 2012 saw another major update with Bootstrap 2.0.0. It was a complete rewrite of the Bootstrap library, as well as becoming a responsive framework. Its components were compatible with all kinds of devices; mobiles, tablets, and desktops. After 15 major updates, Bootstrap 3 in 2013 was anotherRead More →

Bootstrap is a front-end framework that helps developers to jump start the web development process. Developers who are moving to front-end development from hardcore server-side programming languages such as Java or PHP can find it very difficult to come to grips with CSS and Javascript; however, with Bootstrap they have to concentrate on writing proper HTML, leaving the tricky CSS and JavaScript to Bootstrap.  Read More →